Filing a Hurricane Claim

Adjustment Process

An adjuster will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your loss with you, help assess the damage and make plan a to resolve your claim.  You should keep a record of the claims examiner’s name and contact information, so that you track the claim’s progress.

In certain cases, we may retain an independent insurance adjuster to provide you with timely service.  Your claims examiner will let you know if your claim has been assigned to an independent adjustment firm and give you his or her contact information.

Minimizing property damage

- Secure the property before the storm arrives.
- Report the claim as soon as possible.
- Complete temporary repairs, if possible.
- Dry any water-damaged property.
- If you need help with temporary repairs or the drying process, contact a local water restoration firm. 
- Advise your claims examiner of any mitigation actions you take.
- Maintain a record of your expenses.

Filing a Claim

To file a claim, contact your independent agent or Tower Group Companies:

First Report Phone Line: (888) 856-5522
First Report Fax: (888) 291-6262
First Report E-Mail:

If you are insured by any of these companies: 

New Jersey Skylands
York Insurance
Massachusetts Homeland Insurance Company

Contact your independent agent or reach us directly at:

First Report Phone Line: (877) 365-8693
First Report Fax: (877) 852-0220
First Report E-Mail:

Please have your policy number available and all details of your damage.  After you’ve reported your claim, we will assign a claim number and begin the adjustment process.